6 Quick Fixes for When Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Up (2023)

What to Know

  • To make sure there is not a software error, restart your Apple Watch and make sure it is updated to the latest version of watchOS.
  • Remove any case or screen protector on your watch, as they could be interfering with the touchscreen.
  • Check for any damage to the screen, and, if all else fails, take your Apple Watch to Apple for further assistance.

Has your Apple Watch screen stopped responding to your touch? Having trouble swiping up or down? Whenever your devices are behaving out of the ordinary or don’t respond how you would normally expect them to, it can be extremely frustrating. Let’s get to the bottom of why your Apple Watch won't swipe up.

Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working

If you’re having trouble swiping up on your Apple Watch to open the Control Center, there could be a software problem or a hardware issue. We’ll walk you through the steps of troubleshooting why your Apple Watch won’t swipe up so that you can narrow down the cause. For more Apple Watch troubleshooting advice, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

1. Restart Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch touch screen is not working, the first thing to do is restart your Apple Watch:

  1. Press and hold the side button until the power options menu appears.

    Press and hold the side button until the power options menu appears.
  2. Press the power icon to turn off your Apple Watch.

    Press the power icon to turn off your Apple Watch.
  3. After a few seconds, press and hold the side button again until the Apple Logo Appears.

Once your Apple Watch finishes restarting, check whether or not the screen is responding the way it’s supposed to. If you’re unable to restart your Apple Watch with the steps above, you may need to force restart it. You can do this by pressing and holding both the side button and the digital crown for 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo.

2. Check for Updates

Apple regularly releases updates to improve security, fix bugs, and add new features. If there is a software glitch related to Apple Watch swipe-up not working, a quick watchOS update could be all that it needs. Make sure your Apple Watch is up-to-date so that any bugs causing issues can be fixed.

3. Check for Cracks

If you dropped your Apple Watch or banged it against a wall, the screen might be damaged, which could cause issues with how it functions. Carefully examine the display to make sure there are no cracks or any other damage that could prevent you from swiping up or down on the Watch Face.

4. Remove Case or Screen Protector

Do you have a case on your Apple Watch that covers the screen? Or do you use a screen protector? They could be making it harder for the display to recognize your touches. I would recommend removing the case and/or the screen protector and checking to see if you still can't swipe up on Apple Watch.

5. Unpair & Re-Pair Apple Watch

Unpairing and re-pairing your Apple Watch should be a last resort option when Apple Watch won't swipe up. This process erases your Apple Watch and restores it from a backup. It can be a tedious process, and if you don’t have a backup, you’ll lose all the data on your device. Check out this article on how to unpair your Apple Watch.

6. Contact Apple to Repair Your Watch

If none of the above solutions worked out for you, there might be a hardware-related problem that is making it so that you cannot swipe up on Apple Watch. If that is the case, I would recommend reaching out to Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store for further assistance.

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